Saturday, 31 October 2015

I think I have lived in an amazing age, remembering our first fridge, (and the treat of ice-cream at home), our first family car.

The invention of TV. The wonderment of the first man on the moon.

There were no Yoga Studios then in rural Australia..Ten pin bowling was all the rage.

I used to go to the Gym, as a new Mum, and trampoline and swim.

Do you get the picture?

We couldn't have imagined this fast paced technological age we now live in.

I think, most of us, in this class, are retired.

We are "post" most things, children, menopause, and in my case a total knee replacement.

We assemble, on our mats, and I can feel the tension drain out of my body, and gradually relax.

I feel safe and nurtured here. I trust Polly implicitly.

We interpret Pollys' instructions, we try earnestly to emulate her, to bring to life a vision of what we have seen. Sometimes Polly says " You must remember to breath". Then sometimes Polly is bubbling over with laughter. "Come on you lot!!".

What do we look like?

Then more adjusting , I love Pollys'  visual imagary she uses, and when we get it, the pose feels so much better.

Harmony and encouragement, to make the connection to the essence of Yoga.

And I remember a quote.....

Tension is how you think you should be, relaxation is how you are.

All too soon the class is over, and I leave feeling stronger, taller, more grounded, focused , amazed at what I can do.I take nothing for granted.

Still so much to learn, is there enough time? And so privileged to be in this class .


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