Wednesday, 24 March 2021

To bring the mind to calm is to engage in the new revolution.

We are vulnerable and easily convinced to compromise our wellbeing.  The economic imperative is fuelled by insecurity.  When life is bombarding our senses and rattling our brains, we are not able to compromise.  A compromise requires that both sides make concessions..

The economy of compromise costs us our health

We tell our selves we are compromising, but are we really just too tired to fight any more? Have we lost our confidence in our own judgement and don’t have the confidence to know what we actually believe in?

Have we given in to the demands because it keeps up the image of who people think we are?

Have we sided with the bully so often that we feel shamed and now we must cover the shame by killing ourselves with over work?

Perhaps both sides are not making concessions…

Do we concede: surrender or yield to the situation – believing that there is something more important than our health and wellbeing at stake?  In the confusion have we internally agreed that our peace is less important than the profits?

Earning money is an activity, it is not a purpose for living.   Income is not the goal – if it is, then we are in survival mode.  Income is meant to support or facilitate our life purpose.  When it does there is a possibility of peace.  A sense that we are living a meaningful life. 

In the Population Health Management journal article “Purpose in Life and Positive Health Outcomes Among Older Adults”  published in April 2018, one of the conclusions of the study was that “Purpose in life, is strongly associated with better physical and mental health outcomes … and is .. a key contributor to successful aging.”

Neuroplasticity is the ‘new science’.  It is the science that is redirecting how we understand and manage pain; it is changing the emphasis in addiction rehabilitation programs from a focus on treatment to a focus on connection and community. It is guiding information technology companies in the design of their workplaces.  

Yoga is the lay persons neuroscience - Yogis have known for centuries that there are layers of mental activity that can be harnessed and directed.  When attention becomes concentration and concentration establishes a pause between the rise and fall of thoughts, we arrive into a state known as meditation. The interconnections between the layers of consciousness create the conditions for wisdom.. it arises in the pause, in the interruption of habitual thought.

Neuro science and Yoga show us that we discover life purpose only when our mind is calmly centred within each moment – every situation. When we are deeply connected to ourselves in each life situation and act within each moment from an internal authority, a light is turned on in the brain.  We know what we are meant to do, what action is ethical and appropriate.  What action we can take and feel absolutely peaceful about is clear to us.

If you are no longer willing to compromise your wellbeing and feel ready to take on the challenge of focusing your mind through working with your body as an instrument of meditation, then check our web page for new course in Hervey Bay and retreats in Woodgate Beach.

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