Welcome to the Hervey Bay School of Yoga

Learn how to use your body as an instrument of meditation and establish inner strength and abiding calm.

We have a studio at 54 Torquay road Pialba in Hervey Bay Qld
and a studio and retreat center at 80 Acacia Street Woodgate Beach Qld
Telephone: 07 41246878
Through regular practice of classical yoga you will become more energised and mentally alert.

Classes are suitable for everyone including 
 Seniors (60+ years)children and people recovering from illness and injury.

Teachers hold qualifications and registration with the International Yoga Teachers Association; Yoga Australia and Iyenger Yoga Australia


From Kelli: "Yoga meets the everyday needs of people on so many levels.  No-one can make you do yoga – you have to be ready to accept it into your life and the many benefits yoga will bring.  It is nourishing for the body physically, emotionally, mentally, and socially.  I no longer need to punish myself or my body – mentally or physically.  I am learning to accept the things that I cannot change or control.  I allow myself time to stop, let go of worries and be present in the moment." Link to a blog by Kelli
From Joan: "Yoga is ideal for all seniors even those with physical limitations.  In our classes it is quite normal to have several variations of a pose to suit individual needs. Learning to work with your body, not against it is the same challenge regardless of age." Link to a blog by Joan
From Chris: "Polly is an excellent teacher who clearly “walks the yoga talk” she is highly perceptive and shows respectful and sincere care for her students". Link to a blog by Chris
From Scott. "Walking into Polly’s class has strengthened so many areas of my life and I cannot recommend yoga for other males enough." Link to a blog by Scott

And from Charlie who has been in our childrens yoga program for 3 years.
 "Yoga is a great learning experience. I love going every Thursday afternoon. You can meet new friends and learn new things about your body. Every lesson I get the opportunity to test my body and limits. I get to try new poses and learn new mindsets. My life has been so much less-stressful since I started. Yoga IS GREAT. Come try it out.

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