Our studios are sacred spaces

where you journey home to your Self

Our studios are located at:
54 Torquay road Pialba in Hervey Bay Qld, and 
our retreat center, Anam Cara Studio, at 80 Acacia Street Woodgate Beach Qld

Our studios are purpose built, sacred spaces of acknowledgment: places where we work to confirm that wisdom resides within you.  A practice of yoga is a process of learning to discipline our mind and to cultivate it. The mind becomes the field where we can grow kindness, compassion, courage, humility.  

New timetable from 19 October 2020.  Down load new timetable here.

By attending classes and courses with us you will find that your body improves in strength and flexibility; energy levels will improve as will concentration and motivation.  Your sleep will become deeper and more nourishing and general aches and pains will gradually resolve. These are signs of change taking place within your nervous systems.  Our teachers are skilled in sequencing postures to ensure postures nourish organs and protect joints.  

We are a community of people interested in how the mind body connection helps us live with greater peace and contentment.  The skill of the practice is to notice and experience the difference between movement and action; or action and reaction.  This involvement of a 'reflective consciousness' is how yoga becomes life changing.  We offer courses, retreats and yoga classes for people of all ages, from children to seniors, and people of all levels of experience. 

The Hervey Bay studios where established in November 2014.  In June 2020 our purpose built center  "Anam Cara Studio",  in Woodgate opened.

Our pricing system encourages committment because this is the path we must walk to discipline the mind so that happiness and peace are possible. For day to day classes held in Hervey Bay we use a class card system.  Read more

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