Retreats and workshops

Early morning immersion week
6.15am - 7.45am
Monday to Friday 

Early morning immersion weeks are open to general attendance by students of the school, though they primarily function as asana development session for trainee teachers.

Weekend workshops provide students with a way to deepen their experience of yoga and become involved in learning the theory and philosophy of the practice. Each weekend workshop includes a presentation and discussion component. Topics and themes of the weekends are always different. 

Remedial programs are a pathway into the school for students with medical conditions or injuries that require significant modification to practice.  These sessions are not open to public enrolment.  All students must attend a private assessment with Polly Realf prior to attending within this program. There is a maximum of 6 students in these sessions.  Students may be able to join the main stream classes of the school after attendance or may be recommended to continue within the remedial practice program.  The program will support students to gain confidence in the development of a home practice.



Early Morning Immersion Week

Monday - Friday 20 November - 24 November 6.15am - 7.45
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