Young Women 15 to 19 years

A safe and supportive space for young women to learn how to work with their bodies to develop inner strength and abiding calm.

 Yoga is mind body harmony.

Practice uses particular body shapes - postures  or asana; breath work, (pranayama) and sequencing of postures, to bring balance to our nervous systems. This optimizes health. Practice also gives us an opportunity to examine how our bodies store emotions and how we can start to notice the signals our bodies give when we are angry, excited, anxious, fearful, confused and so on. It guides us to actions that bring a sense of peace. Yoga is firstly a relationship with ourselves. When we understand ourselves on the inside, it is easier to relate to other people with more confidence. The classes offer a fun environment that is non competitive and where everyone can feel respected and safe.

Term starts on February 7. Class time is 4.00 - 5.30pm each week.

If you are interested to join but not sure if you want to enrol, please email us

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