Pre-requisites: minimum 3 years experience within HBSY classes currently attending general level classes with Polly

There is more information about this program via the Teacher Training tab on the website.  Access info here Practitioner Program

This program comprises 3 parts.

10 led practice sessions

Held each Wednesday morning 6.00 - 7.00am. Commencing Wed 22 September last session Wednesday  1 Dec. These practice sessions will focus on standing poses and will be led (no instruction) by Polly. Standing poses are the foundation of all other poses and are key to buiding energy and resilience.  There is no led practice the 3 of November as this is the week of  the early morning immersion.

2 x Sunday skill development sessions (19 September and 31 October)  These sessions comprise 2 parts 

  1. Personal practice time. All enrolled, including Polly practice together. (Own practice sequence- unsupervised) 6.30 - 8.30am. (Bring some breakfast food)
  2. Study group (9.30am - 12.30) follows on from personal practice time.  These sessions study (deconstruct) specific asana and methods of practising them, including understanding the use of different alignments or techniques.  Trainee teachers adjust poses (under supervision) and practice their teaching skills.
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