May 4 to June 29 Tuesday 6.00 - 7.30pm

This is an 8 week course but dates cover a period of 9 weeks as  there will be no class on June 1 as the school will be closed for that week.

This course is suitable to people who have no significant illnesses or injuries.  Classes are 90 minutes and have a focus on both active and restorative postures. The course provides a basic introduction to the philosophy and science of the practice so that students understand how the practice of postures becomes, over time, a practice of meditation.  These courses are the recommended pathway into the school as they provided the most supported process of learning. 

People will experience relief from tension and with this improved sleep and sense of well being.  

Polly Realf will be teaching this class. 

There is a maximum of 15 places in the course.

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