Wednesday mornings 9.30 - 11.00am July 10 - 28 August

The course is 8 weeks long and each class is 90 minutes.  Classes start and end with poses that are deeply relaxing and meditative.  The sequencing within the active part of each class is developed to develop both strength and flexibility and will respond to the individual learning needs of those attending.

At the Hervey Bay School of Yoga we practice Yoga  to recognize and study the link between our physical body and our mental/emotional   experience. The skill of the practice is to notice and experience the difference between movement and action; or action and reaction. As we move the body into new and different shapes we challenge our awareness. This process grows new connections within our brain. We improve the link between the mind and the body and the sense of ourselves within our environment. When we practice we aim to turn down the alarm bells of the sympathetic (stress) nervous system.   These changes are encouraged through improved breathing,  blood circulation and stimulation of organs and glands.  

During the course provision is made for 2 make up class if you happen to miss a session for some reason.  Make up classes are available on a Wednesday evening at 5.30pm . Missed classes must be 'made up' by the course completion date.  They do not carry over beyond the course completion date.There are no refunds once the course has commenced and enrolment is not transferable.  

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