New Students

New students are welcome to attend our introductory classes on a casual basis for $22 per 90 minute class or purchase 5 week cards.  Card options include 5 or 10 session cards that can be purchsed via the shopping cart. Download document about class cards. 
Stabilise to energise classes on Tuesday evenings are directed to students who might (or might not) consider themselves 'senior' and for those who are recovering from illness or injury. Emphasis is given to developing  muscle tone, improving circulation and boosting energy . Class is paced for steady methodical application of alignment and systematic improvements in joint health (space and flexibility). Thursday evening classes are suitable for people of general health.
For students with medical conditions or those recovering from injury we also have a remedial program.  A private assessment is required before attendance in this program.  Please contact the office to discuss your interest in this program.

Introductory classes

Tuesday night

Stabilise to energise
6.00pm - 7.30pm
Thursday evening
Class level for those of general health
6.00pm - 7.30pm

Yogasana: asana that works with mind body breath, time and space to guide us into the power of our own presence.

At the Hervey Bay School of Yoga students learn, study and practice asana.  In learning to work in these three distinct modes within asana we train ourselves to recognize the link between our physical body, our mental/emotional experience and the capacity to grow wisdom and peace.

Students learn asana to awaken the energy and intelligence of the physical body.
The 'learning mode' is applied to broaden our repertoire of asana and to develop a range of techniques for accessing more difficult asana.

Students study asana to recognize the link between the mind, emotions and breath.
The ‘studying mode’ is the process of refining our perception. We re-cognise asana as we discern the center of gravity, directions of extension and our capacity to access the asana without pushing, grasping, shrinking or collapsing into our habits.

Students practice asana to discipline the mind and habituate it to stillness and silence.
In the 'practice mode' we work with asana that we are competent in. We apply repetition and timings to achieve what Prashant Iyengar would call "effortless effort".

With repetition and methodical discipline we re-view and realign our perspective of experience to gain accuracy and clarity of perception. The teaching/learning process uses props such as chairs, ropes, blocks and walls to engage different layers of experience so that over time students habituate the mind to stillness and silence which allows day to day life to become more peaceful. This approach to teaching/learning holds alignment with classical yoga where the body is trained to become an instrument of meditation and enlightenment.


Single class

1 x 90 minute class
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5 class card

Valid for 5 weeks from date of first use
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10 Class Card

Valid for 5 weeks from date of first use.
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