New Students

A yoga practice can nourish and support you throughout every stage of your life.

Starting Yoga

A practice of yoga generally starts out as being a 'deliberate' distraction.  We often want to grow some discipline around certain behaviours, thoughts and emotions because there are parts of ourselves we would like to change.  We need a way to start working toward those changes and we need a 'distraction' from the old habits.  Yoga is excellent for this as it decodes old patterns so that we gain insight into our Selves.  Yoga re-patterns, or creates 'stacked associations' in our nervous system that tie us to our new and nourishing thoughts and behaviours.  We begin to rewire ourselves by imprinting a new set of behavious.  These changes can be as straight forward as wanting to improve our posture or as complex as breaking an addiction.  

The school offers a 5 week program of classes an an incentive to get people started. These classes are taught by trainee teachers who are undersupervision.

Almost all students new to the Iyengar style of Hatha yoga attend by booking a term of these classes.  We have classes suitable for students of all ages and degrees of fitness and health.   If it is not possible to attend in one of these classes, our Sunday afternoon class operates as an open level drop in class for new students.  The cost is $22 cash payment. 

Our next term commences on 21 May. 

A term is 5 weeks long.
Students have the option of attending a program of either 1 class per week or 2 classes per week.  
  2 classes per week for 5 weeks = $66.00 ($6.60 per class)
  1 class per week for 5 weeks = $44.00 ($8.80 per class)

Options for our 5 week terms and booking links

Tuesday (Suzy) and Thursday (Troy) 6.00 - 7.30pm 

This program of classes is suitable for anyone of general health

Book and Pay $ 66 Term commencing 22 May closed Suzy and Troy Both Tuesday and Thursday nights
Book and Pay $44 Term commencing 22 May closed Suzy Tuesday night only 
Book and Pay $44 Term commencing 24 May   closed Troy Thursday night only

Wednesday 9.30 - 11.00 am and Saturday 7.00 - 8.30am     STABILISE TO ENERGISE 
Teachers: Natalie and Carolyn

This program of classes is suitable for people who are either returning to physical exercise or who are interested to include more physical activities into their day to day lives.  We call this class level 'stabilise to energise' . Life style habits like leaning forward over our desks, sitting too long in cars, lifting kids on one hip whilst doing the house work, slouching watching TV , all take their toll on our bodies.  Yoga will develop greater whole body awareness and coordination and improve flexibility whilst taking care to stabilise joints that may be stiff from old injuries or weak from lack of muscle strength. These classes will help with stiff shoulders, neck aches, mental exhaustion, lack of energy and poor sleep. 

Book and Pay  $66 Both Wed and Sat commencing 23 May
Book and Pay  $44  Wednesday 5 week Term commencing 23 May
Book and Pay $44  Saturday 5 week term commencing 26 May

Tuesday and Thursday mornings 9.30 - 11.00am  SENIORS
Teachers:  Russell and Fay

The range of people who enjoy this level of class include people in their mid 60's those in their 70's and some into their 80's.  People in their late 50's and early 60's who have not been lovers of exercise in their younger years, or who are well now, though have lived with a lot of stress and illness, also enjoy this level of class.  We call this level of classes 'seniors'. These classes are great for those who want to 'use it and not lose it'. Students learn how to acheive greater space and openness in their joints to help with arthritis and strong emphasis is given to poses that increase weight bearing in the arms and legs to halt osteoporosis.  

Book and Pay $66 closed Both Tues and Thursday commencing 22 May
Book and Pay $ 44 closed Tuesday 5 week term commencing 22 May
Book and Pay $44 closed Thursdays 5 week term commencing 24 May


The culture of learning highlights the classical method of hatha yoga whereby (postures) are integrated within a discipline of meditation.  The intention is that the physical body act as an instrument through which we can experience clarity and wisdom.  Students develop great internal peace from Yoga.   Students experience improvements in strength, concentration and relaxation. 


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