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Bookings open for our next term of 8 week introductory courses.

8 week introductory level course bookings for this term are closed

Our next 8 week courses are open for booking
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$100 for 8 classes. Each class is 90 minutes.  Doors open 15 minutes before class.
Our studio is a purpose built airconditioned space . 

Wednesday morning 9.30 - 11.00am SENIORS September 4 to October 23 (Vera)
Thursday evening 6 - 7.30pm October 10 to November 30 (Carolyn) 
Saturday morning 7- 8.30am October 12 to November 30 (Polly)
Monday morning 9.30 - 11.00am October 14 to December 2 (Polly)  
Tuesday evening 6 -7.30pm October 15 to December 3 (Russell)  

There is provision for 'make up' of classes if you miss during the 8 weeks.  (conditions apply- see payment page for further details).  

Our classes are 90 minutes long because this amount of time supports students to transition from the demands of their lives, at the beginning of the session; and to deeply integrate the practice through relaxation and meditation at the close of class.  We call these processes of transition before class, and integration after class, "imprinting" because poses are used to re-wire our chemistry and nervous systems and thus create the conditions of deep change - change that is not just at the surface.

Yoga works by training our minds to pay attention to what is happening in our bodies.

For example we feel how the position of our arms and shoulders affect our neck and our ability to lift our chest and to breathe.  We learn to work with the legs to engage the spine which in turns improves our posture and levels of energy.  In the classical method of hatha yoga, the intention is that the physical body act as an instrument through which we can experience clarity and wisdom.  Students develop great internal peace from Yoga.   Students experience improvements in strength, concentration and relaxation. 

When students learn how to position their mind (attention) as well as their bodies, the practice of yoga supports homeostatic balance in the body.  Thoughts and emotions alter the chemical environment of the body as does organ function.  When we work mindfully within postures we both support organ function and teach the mind to release from tensions and worries.

Without intrinsic meaning, actions feel empty. We become discontent and unhappy with the emptiness of our efforts. Yoga is very much about finding purpose and meaning.. it is about creating space so that our unique contribution to life comes forth from within us. 

Parking option.
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Seniors 8 week introductory course

Wednesday mornings 9.30 - 11.00am Sept 4 to Oct 23
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Single class

1 x 90 minute class
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5 class card

Strictly valid for 5 weeks from date of first use
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Private class/remedial assessment

Private classes/ remedial assessments are conducted on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings at 9.30am - 10.30 and from 11am - 12.00
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