Monday 4.00 - 5.30pm Term 4 2020 (8 weeks) Commencing Monday 19 October 2020

Age 12-15 years

At this age of ‘almost grown up’ young people are at the stage of questioning everything and looking for answers to things that don’t make sense anymore. Our focus in teaching this age group is on physical work with a focus on the positive things they can do for their physical health, incorporating back strengthening, belly toning and core strength exercises.  We teach techniques to de-stress, handle their emotions and for getting a good night’s sleep. The classes are adapted to the need of the students depending on what is happening in their life at the time, eg exams. Classes incorporate reflection time on breathing and relaxation work, with group discussion on when, how and why certain practices invoke the parasympathetic nervous system to bring balance and harmony. The emphasis is on personal development, not competition, and they explore and extend their capabilities as their confidence in themselves grows.

These classes are 90 minutes long as children in this age group are developing a deeper practice of the asana (postures).  This work engages the nervous systems and supports a balancing of body chemistry (hormones).  This aids concentration and memory.  The practice also helps digestive problems and the prevention and management of anxiety.

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