2 classes per week Monday and Wednesday nights 6.00 - 7.30pm 14 Oct - 18 Dec

It is time for the school to offer courses for those who are ready to engage in a deeper level of practice.  The combination of the active class and the restorative and pranayama practices, along with variations in head stand and shoulder stand, reflects the intent of Sutra 1.12 which pertains to the Twin Pillars of abhyasa and vairagya.  These are THE YOGA PRACTICES:  Discipline and renunciation.  They are the means to still the fluctuations of consciousness.

“When the waves of consciousness are stilled and silenced, they can no longer distort the true expression of the soul. Revealed in his/her own nature, the radiant seer abides in her/his own grandeur.” BKS Iyengar commentary Sutra 1.3

During the 10 week course it is possible to miss 3 classes and make these up in the Tuesday evening or Thursday evening 6pm Beginner class time.  Make up classes must be taken by the end of the 10 week term.

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