Tuesday 6.00 - 7.30pm Commencing 20 October 2020

This 8 week course is suitable for anyone interested in working with their body as an instrument of meditation.  The physical postures will flexbility and strength.  The postures (asana) affect the nervous system to bring chemical balance.  This  improves concentration and mental focus. Gradually, this process takes a student toward meditation within action and becomes a way of life.

After the course students will have a basic knowledge of how to practice some basic postures at home.  They will also have an awareness of the importance of  mental focus and attention so that the practice supports mental calmness and clarity (meditation).

In January 2021 when the school re-opens after the break there is a re-fresher weekend scheduled for 29,30,31 January  (Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday 2 hour classes morning and evening).  Students who complete this introducotry 8 week course will be able to attend the re-fresher course with a 20% discount.  Beyond the weekend of the re-fresher course, students will either be able to join into any beginner level class on the school timetable; or re-enrole in a second introductory level course that will commence Tuesday 9th February.

We have a strong  committment to the people of our region to learn, study and practice yoga.  It is a practice that can sustain a community as well as individuals.  As we change, so do our relationships.

We look forward to meeting you. 

Please note that the school offers a free class on a Monday afternoon at 4.15pm if you would like to attend prior to commencing your course. 

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