Practitioner program

The practitioner program is a pathway to deepen understanding about how "yoga becomes the teacher of yoga". Students with 3 years of attending classes are encouraged to enrole.


Yoga becomes a way of life. 

For those of us who feel deeply grateful of this practice, the question of being able to share this gift arises often in our hearts and minds.

The practitioner program is the first step within the Hervey Bay School of Yoga, to exploring the path toward teaching yoga.  The practitioner program is attended by the term and consists of

  • a weekly one hour practice of standing poses. This session is led by Polly.  Some terms there are 8, or 9, or even 10 sessions depending if Polly is away for some reason.
  • attendance at skill development sessions run by Polly on a Sunday morning.  A term enrolment will  have 2, of these skills sessions. 
  • participation within shared practice sessions. These sessions are held prior to each of the skill development sessions. 

Enrolment requires that you are currently attending classes with Polly and have checked directly with her that it is suitable for you to enrole in this program.

Sharing the gift of yoga is a natural process of living from an authentic sense of self.  We begin to check in with the reality of our Selves with greater scrutiny.  We are committed to an ethical existence.. we want to know that we are acting from a place of clarity and integrity.  The practitioner program offers a pathway though which we can check in on ourselves within a context with less 'teaching' and more self direction. This is the led practice component of the program. 

Additionally, an ethical life requires that we refine action.  We review the outcomes of our actions, and learn to recognise when we are in re-action.  Within practice, attention becomes concentration.  Concentration is a path to merge into the layers of experience and deliver us into meditation .  When we review what we are paying attention to; and how (the lens through which we are paying attention), we are in the process of critiquing perception, and reviewing the efficacy of our actions.  This can be both daunting and liberating.  When we are humbled by the truth of the human condition, and can enter into 'learnership' rather than push on in our 'doership', the development of  reflective consciousness teaches compassion and opens us to joy. The skill development session component of the Practitioner Program, moves us into these questions about accuracy of perception. 

The skill development process involves all participants in activities such as deconstructing asana into their parts; learning where weight must be supported and where actions are required to bring extension and space within specific asana.  These activties greatly improve personal practice.

The Sunday Skill Development sessions challenge 

  • how we understand the elemental body within asana
  • what we think, versus what we are actually 'doing' or 'feeling' within an experience,
  • the sequence of actions: the order, or the hierarchy of actions requried to balance the energy of an asana
  • our understanding about how the mind/body functions: the role of timing of instruction to acheive concentration and co-ordination of action

On these Sundays, prior to the skill development sessions, we practice together at the studio.  All teachers of the school attend the practice sessions, including the weekly led practices. Practice starts at 6.30am and the skills development session commences at 9.30am and finishes at 12.30.  Some times on these Sundays we decide to go out to a local cafe for lunch,  or we bring food to share. 

The shared practice experience on these Sunday sessions, is an important process of broadening our awareness of practice.  A share practice is a cornerstone of Iyengar Yoga teacher training.  The shared practice context is a place where we feel held by eachother energy and committment. It is often suprising to us how much the energy of the group alters the way we go about practice.


The unique and personal journey is still a shared journey

Within our school when the question of training to become a teacher of yoga arises for a student, we encourage them to hold a lens or view of gratitude and to consider that their question needs to be about intention rather than attainment of a certificate.   In this frame for questioning, we find that students are able to put down the many insecurities that emerge, including "am I good enough; I am not worthy; I am too young: I am too old... and so on.  We provide a pathway where the questions arising within us can be explored in ways that are practical.  The experience of engaging is a learning process in and of itself.. we do not need to look into the future for an outcome.   This pathway is the Practitioner Program.  Experiences within this program are processes that deepen your relationship with practice and hence your Self... this is the same path that we all take when we live in the power of our own presence.


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Practitioner program. Term booking

Pre-requisites: minimum 3 years experience within HBSY classes currently attending general level classes with Polly
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