Registered trainees weekend "Mock Assessment" and certificate of compliance 10am 6 November to late Saturday 7th Nov

This weekend is for IYA registered trainee teachers working with Polly Realf, or who have the support of their IYA senior teacher to particiapte in this event.  It will be held at Anam Cara Studio 80 Acacia Street Woodgate.  The program has changed slightly to accommodate the travel arrangements of the senior assessors.  All teaching segments will be on Saturday mornings and the feedback session will be late on the Saturday.  

The practice sequence that is to be followed is Sequence 1 from the IYA assessment information pack.  

There is a maximum number of 4 teaching segments available.  It is possible for trainees to attend the practice session and also the feedback sessions and not undertake the teaching segment.  These trainees however will become part of the 'volunteer student' groups for the teaching segments. 

To support your preparation I am providing notes on the pranayama assessment practice and also a proforma that helps guide your timings for the assessment teaching segment.

This session will be conducted solely by Polly Realf, however if covid 19 conditions allow, 2 additional senior teachers will be involved and an additional fee of $150 will be required to cover their expenses.

inc GST

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