Teacher Training

Yoga becomes a way of life. For those of us who feel deeply grateful of this practice, the question of being able to share this gift arises often in our hearts and minds.

Within our school when the question of training to become a teacher of yoga arises for a student, we encourage them to hold a lens or view of gratitude and to consider that their question needs to be about intention rather than attainment of a certificate.   In proposing this frame for questioning we find that students are able to put down the many insecurities that emerge, including "am I good enough; I am not worthy; I am too young: I am too old... and so on. 

The program that we offer in the school is a pathway to deepen understanding about how "yoga becomes the teacher of yoga".  We engage directly in questions about how students actually learn to be practitioners of yoga.  We have subjects on the theory and methods of teaching as well as theory and philosophy of yoga.

Students must have a minimum of 3 years Iyengar yoga practice experience to start a teacher training apprenticeship.  For futher information please email us to set up a time to discuss your experience and interest in teaching.

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