Sunday, 08 January 2017

It was around the age of 25 I had my first visit to a Chiropractor named Dr Savage. After spending a number of years working on Fishing Boats in the Gulf of Carpentaria, notably the F.V Kundu, which listed to one side by 5 degrees, I worked hard to prove myself as an able sea woman, I sustained a few injuries on board and by the time I reached Dr Savages office in Darwin, I was a little worse for wear.
I'll never forget what the Chiropractor said to me, "Your going down the shit shoot".  As you can imagine at 25 yrs young, I felt devastated and old before my time. Brutal as Dr Savage was in his Diagnosis, he propelled me into taking action to better take care of myself. I never returned to Dr Savage. 
I searched for other therapies to manage my Sciatica, I discovered accupuncture and massage, and although these treatments were effective, the results weren't long lasting, they weren't "fixing" me, I enjoyed keeping fit, going to the gym, aerobics, bike riding, swimming, hiking , but before too long my body would pain me.
Around 30yrs of age, living in Cairns NQ, I noticed an advertisement for Yoga Classes, I never looked back. My Yoga  teacher at the time had said to me while I was in Suptavirasana, "Why are you so crooked" and "Do you realize you may have some Scoliosis" , I certainly didn't feel crooked, I was amazed how my teacher could see in me what I couldn't  see in myself, I felt disconnected from who I was, I was intrigued with this body/mind connection, and how I got to this place, was my body born this crooked?, did I do this damage to myself, because I pushed to hard?, Have all my injuries over time resulted in all this discomfort?, it certainly had my attention. 
My practise has certainly evolved over time, and I am so grateful for having the opportunity to practice and have Yoga in my life. I have grown to accept myself for who I am, injuries, shortcomings, it doesn't really matter, what matters is that you accept where you are, be the best you can, wherever your at, be kind to yourself, don't push and try too hard, which can result in more injury, and to get in touch with your sensitivity.  Nobody else can fix us, we need to take action ourselves to benefit, everyones body is different and we all have our own story, support and guidence is a wonderful gift and there's nothing wrong with incorporating other health care professionals into our health care plan, but ultimately no one knows us better than our own selves, and this from my experience takes time. 

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