Saturday, 12 September 2020

Whenever we ask a child to reflect or modify their behaviour, or ask that they consider the consequences of their behavior, we assume they have the skills of interrupting a strong instinctive force that is at play within them.  The force, in yoga language is called Abhinevesa, and it is a force associated with a state of ignorance.  With regard to teens,  this ignorance pertains to how a teen understands their self worth and value to society.  Abhinevesa is the fear associated with needing to prove their worth, or to defend their identity (even though they are not sure of who they are).  How this force plays out is absolutely unique to each child, but it is helpful to understand that this force is there and at play. Until this force is abated or interrupted, it is not possible for a teen to start feeling okay within themselves. (Hence the big problems they face with confidence and anxiety).  Lack of clarity is expected and essential for a teen, and yet experiences that give certainty, confidence and a feeling that 'not knowing' is okay and appropriate, is a great way for them to settle down the emotional roller coaster.  

To interrupt the force of abhinevesa, we must interrupt what the mind pays attention to; and we must also change the way the body is used.  Rather than relating to the body as a place of pain or pleasure, yoga teaches the young practitioners how to examine the workings of their body; to explore how the body houses their organs; how the blood transports oxygen and how the glands change the chemical signals going on within their body and brain.  

Sequences are used to give practical demonstration to the teens as to the affect that posture has on their emotions.  Teens learn how to address feelings of depression and anxiety through working with their body and breath. The children have fun and gain confidene in their bodies.

This 8 week course is suitable for all children aged 12 to 15 years, both boys and girls.  The course is part of our general timetable of classes that will continue to be offered in 2021. This term is a great beginning point for children who have not tried yoga before.  The course commences on Monday 19 October and is $99.  Each class is 90 minutes long and starts at 4.00pm. To book a place for your teen click here. Maximum of 12 places available.  The teacher Polly Realf is a higly qualified yoga teacher with many years of experience. Polly is also a qualified social worker who holds a current Blue Card.


Teens: 12 to 15 Years 8 week term

Monday 4.00 - 5.30pm Term 4 2020 (8 weeks) Commencing Monday 19 October 2020
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Memories of my Mother

Saturday, 23 May 2020

Due to poor balance I had never consider yoga was for me as the images most often seen in posters and magazines show perfect bodies with amazing balance. October 2014 a few weeks before my 71st birthday I walked into my first yoga class. I have been asked “is it worth all the effort at your age?" My answer is “YES” yoga is even more important as we age. Seniors have experienced a life time of stress, raising a family, paying the mortgage, working at our chosen careers as well as balancing a family household. We have all experience grief, loosing grand parents, parents, aunts and uncles now at age 76 I am loosing cousins and life long friends. Our bodies have endured a life time of wear and tear from injuries, poor posture due to sitting and working at desks and repetitive actions such as housework and gardening.Yoga is ideal for all seniors even those with physical limitations, in our classes it can be quite normal to have several variations of a pose to suit individual needs. Learning to work with your body not against it is the same challenge regardless of age. Nursing several old injuries I do not want to add to them, I am very grateful to have well qualified teachers who are attentive to my needs and dedicated to keeping all students safe whilst practising. Yoga is not a quick fix for all ailments, I still experience some back and ankle discomfort but now rarely need to take pain medication. Today I am sleeping more soundly but occasionally still have a restless night. My time management has improved although at times I still talk to myself and loose focus. The big difference is I feel I am in control of my afflictions they are not controlling me. I am coping better and with my regular yoga practise I hope to prevent my health concerns from becoming chronic. Hopefully I can reach savasana with less suffering and with more dignity than my mother. Joan

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