Monday, 21 March 2016

I have only been practicing yoga for about 4 months, but what I have learned and experienced in this short amount of time, make me very excited about the Yoga Journey I have in front of me.

The thing is, for me, yoga is not only about the hour and a half I go to class. Or the 10 minutes I try to do every day at home. Yoga follows me beyond the yoga mat in everything I do. There are so many layers to yoga, and going into it with an open mind and an open heart – has given me so much joy and an ability to connect with what’s really important to me.  I’ve learned to be much more present and relaxed in my everyday life – and to embrace the powerful emotions yoga can give if you’re willing to connect and let it happen.

I was a spiritual person before getting into yoga, - however the way a practice can make me feel everything from exposed and vulnerable, - to pure euphoria is entirely new to me.  I’ve learned that I have been storing emotional energy in all the wrong places, and that sometimes it’s okay not to be the strong person who always has all the right answers and do the right thing. The connection between body and mind is so very interesting and exciting to me, especially because I am still only touching the tip of the iceberg. So much more goodness ahead of me.

My home has become a lot more peaceful aswel, and my kids are trying to be little yogis next to me every time I practice a pose. I am so happy that they, already now, are paying attention to this positive new practice in my life.

I am starving to learn more, practice more – do more yoga; and is working hard to let my self be vulnerable and soft, and  to lose the idea of always having to be perfect.

My journey is about being more deeply involved in life, and yet less attached to it…

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Slipping around your stiff bits?

Monday, 18 February 2019

Practically speaking, when we are stiff in our hips and hamstrings our knees and ankles are ‘punished’. At some stage it is better to be accountable/aware of how to work with our hamstrings and hips so that the knees and ankles are able to get on with their work. It’s also the case in twisting poses that people twist into the flexible areas of their spine and in doing so completely miss the area that needs to be ‘accountable’: we are slipping around a stiffness and there will be consequences.

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yoga for children and teens

Saturday, 09 February 2019

Our yoga classes for children have been running for 4 years and some of the feedback we get from parents and also teachers is amazing and encouraging. Children experience stress for lots of different reasons and yoga helps them to 'discharge' it through physical movements and also through breathing exercises and meditation.

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Peg out your tent.. the Iyengar way

Tuesday, 01 January 2019

When we go camping, we sit in awe of the magnificence of the mountain, the oceans, the sky. We go there because we recognize that some thing changes within us when we sit quietly within the wonderment of nature. We say "I am different", "I am happier", "I am energized", "I am more content". When we practice yoga we learn to sit in the wonderment of our embodiment. It is our microcosm of the macrocosm of nature. We recognize that being in the power of our own presence is a practice of being at one with the forces of nature.

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