Monday, 21 March 2016

As a blissfully married mother of 2 little boys I wasn't seeking out anything more than the occasional afternoon of stretching and guided meditation when I signed up with the school. It would have been smack in the middle of the first day of my weekend start up that I had a glimpse into the actual depth these lessons/classes were about to take me within myself and I was instantly curious what a life with yoga would appear like.

I would describe myself as bubbly, happy, level headed, content with life person who would be grasping to find any issues or dilemmas that I may need to work through in my work or home situations, anything really to cause any mental anguish.

It was in the introduction to the school that my head took a crazy, spiralled turn that caught me off guard, my mind rebelling to the idea of being explored almost, rapid thoughts and a struggle to keep internally still. Every negative emotion almost greeted me at once and I knew each and every one of them but almost as if they had been hidden within all this time, playing their part, carrying out their roles in disguise and I hadn't even realised they existed. I questioned a lot about myself, my relationships/situations now and past that day.

It was great to have my mum join me, she is the person who aside from my husband knows me best. She has been watching my mind click over from the days I explored my very first emotions. We would leave class and then just talk, discuss, ramble even about the finer points of class that really resonated with us. Polly seemed to speak as though she understood the journey we were just beginning personally and it was incredibly comforting as though we were headed in the right direction. I have been attending twice a week now for just over a month, I have spent more time with my thoughts then ever before (and I have always considered myself a deep thinker) I am challenging myself and my normal, the very person I present as and who I am inside and with each week, each class I am merging the two and continually exploring. I am learning in and out of class, my very imprint on this world and this school has given me a vice, it has become a tool in bettering/discovering the very being that I am.

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Slipping around your stiff bits?

Monday, 18 February 2019

Practically speaking, when we are stiff in our hips and hamstrings our knees and ankles are ‘punished’. At some stage it is better to be accountable/aware of how to work with our hamstrings and hips so that the knees and ankles are able to get on with their work. It’s also the case in twisting poses that people twist into the flexible areas of their spine and in doing so completely miss the area that needs to be ‘accountable’: we are slipping around a stiffness and there will be consequences.

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yoga for children and teens

Saturday, 09 February 2019

Our yoga classes for children have been running for 4 years and some of the feedback we get from parents and also teachers is amazing and encouraging. Children experience stress for lots of different reasons and yoga helps them to 'discharge' it through physical movements and also through breathing exercises and meditation.

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Peg out your tent.. the Iyengar way

Tuesday, 01 January 2019

When we go camping, we sit in awe of the magnificence of the mountain, the oceans, the sky. We go there because we recognize that some thing changes within us when we sit quietly within the wonderment of nature. We say "I am different", "I am happier", "I am energized", "I am more content". When we practice yoga we learn to sit in the wonderment of our embodiment. It is our microcosm of the macrocosm of nature. We recognize that being in the power of our own presence is a practice of being at one with the forces of nature.

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