Monday, 31 August 2015

I have recently had the privilege to attend the annual Caroline Coggins Workshop at The Hervey Bay School of Yoga. In which I also participated in last year.

I have been a student of the school for about the past 18 months. Before this I had very little experience or knowledge of yoga and didn’t really know exactly what to expect when I enrolled in February last year. I began my journey with a weekend beginner intensive and haven’t looked back since. Polly has consistently guided me through the practice and principles of yoga with her invaluable knowledge, experience and direct approach. I am inspired by Polly’s passion for yoga and genuine interest in all of her students. Through my practice I am beginning to realise my potential of strength, flexibility and mindfulness, which I believe can reflect on all aspects of life. Both Polly and Vera have always welcomed me at the school and I feel very lucky to have found such wonderful teachers and friends.

The Caroline Coggins workshop consisted of 10 hours of yoga over 3 days. With Caroline and her assisting teachers Peta and Claire visiting the school, this was once again an opportunity to learn more about myself and the practice.  I have a great appreciation for Caroline’s knowledge, experience and spiritual approach to yoga.

During the workshop Caroline gave us long pose timings, which encouraged me to “dig deeper” and “go within”. This allowed my body to really settle in to each pose and instead of over-thinking the pose, the body finds its true alignment instinctively. However! Being very young  in the practice and carrying several sporting injuries I am still very much learning the feel of this alignment. I am very appreciative of Caroline, Peta and Claire for making any necessary adjustments and reminding me that even when I say “I’m ok”, subtlety can be more powerful than intensity. Dinner Saturday night was a good opportunity to share nice food, experiences and get to know everyone outside of the class.

Thankyou to everyone for a great weekend and I look forward to next years workshop.


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