Start: 10am Friday 2 April. Finish 4pm Monday 5th

This workshop will focus around the following quote from Rupert Spira

"Once the mind is relieved of the certainty of knowing, it becomes silent, spontaneous and free.  It knows nothing but can express everything.  It has no fixed position but can take any position relative to a given situation." 

The work of the asana (postures) take us into a place of not knowing, and this creates a freedom from the stress we live with in our day to day life.   The postures tone the nervous system so that the mind becomes clear and awake - mentally we are refreshed.  The mind develops concentration within the actions and starts to open neurological pathways that lead to us feeling more 'ourselves' - more complete and connected with the here and now of our lives.  Link to a blog about our method of practice. 

Session times are as follows
Friday 10 – 1 and 4 to 6pm
Saturday 9 – 12 and 4 – 6pm
Sunday 9 – 12 and 4 – 6pm
Monday 8 – 11 and 2 – 4pm

Students with a minimum of 3 months hatha yoga experience will gain immensely from this workshop.  Teaching directly links the philosophy and science of yoga with the practice and sequencing of postures.

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