Saturday, 23 May 2020

Stillness of mind is how we open the path to walk in the power of our own presence. A teacher teaches the practices of Abhyasa and Vairagya:  Discipline and Renunciation.  These practices develop clarity of perception which is key to a life of purpose and peace.

You are not paying for Yoga, because Yoga is a state of Being. Yoga is not a commodity.

For day to day timetabled classes we use a class card system.  

Classes are 90 minutes long and can cost between $12.50 and $22.  The more you commit to attending, and the longer your commitment, the greater your saving.

$12.50 options include
  15 class cards that are valid for 5 weeks     
  20 class card that is valid for 10 weeks
$16.50 option is a 
  10 class card valid for 5 weeks                                             
$19.80 option is a 
  5 class card valid for 5 week
$22 attendance is for a single class.

Why does the school use this system?
Cards promote student responsibility for decisions and actions.   
This is yoga  applied within every day life.  

Card use
Cards must be presented on attendance at each class 
Cards are not transferable and may not be shared between students.
Couples may share a card as long as they attend the same classes.
Receipt of payment or evidence of payment is required prior to issue of a card.
Cards are valid until the expiry date which is calculated at the time of first use.
Illness and injury will be considered as extenuating circumstances if notification is given prior to the expiry date.

How do I buy a card?
Cards are available for purchase from the website or can be purchased in cash at the school.  We do not have a EFT payment device at the school so if purchasing at the studio you will need to provide cash.

For workshops and retreats

10 hour workshops/retreats are $165
20 hour retreats are $250
35 hour retreats include food, though not accommodation, for $950.

Full payment is required at the time of booking.  Booking and payment is made through our website. As the number of students to each event is limited there are cancellation rules which are noted in booking sections for each event.

Each workshop or retreat is listed on relevant pages on the website, eg: Anam Cara Studio page is where all workshops or retreats held there can be booked by clicking and following the steps to the "shopping cart". Workshops in Hervey Bay, similarly are listed on the Hervey Bay Studio web page.

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Memories of my Mother

Saturday, 23 May 2020

Due to poor balance I had never consider yoga was for me as the images most often seen in posters and magazines show perfect bodies with amazing balance. October 2014 a few weeks before my 71st birthday I walked into my first yoga class. I have been asked “is it worth all the effort at your age?" My answer is “YES” yoga is even more important as we age. Seniors have experienced a life time of stress, raising a family, paying the mortgage, working at our chosen careers as well as balancing a family household. We have all experience grief, loosing grand parents, parents, aunts and uncles now at age 76 I am loosing cousins and life long friends. Our bodies have endured a life time of wear and tear from injuries, poor posture due to sitting and working at desks and repetitive actions such as housework and gardening.Yoga is ideal for all seniors even those with physical limitations, in our classes it can be quite normal to have several variations of a pose to suit individual needs. Learning to work with your body not against it is the same challenge regardless of age. Nursing several old injuries I do not want to add to them, I am very grateful to have well qualified teachers who are attentive to my needs and dedicated to keeping all students safe whilst practising. Yoga is not a quick fix for all ailments, I still experience some back and ankle discomfort but now rarely need to take pain medication. Today I am sleeping more soundly but occasionally still have a restless night. My time management has improved although at times I still talk to myself and loose focus. The big difference is I feel I am in control of my afflictions they are not controlling me. I am coping better and with my regular yoga practise I hope to prevent my health concerns from becoming chronic. Hopefully I can reach savasana with less suffering and with more dignity than my mother. Joan

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