Thursday, 16 July 2015

Recently I had the rare privilege of attending a Yoga Retreat in Bali.  It was an opportunity to spend time nurturing myself in a beautiful and safe environment. 

What I learned from this experience was in the quest of happiness I look for external drivers to what essentially is and internal function.  I observed the Balinese People who from my perspective whilst living in poverty and hardship but maintaining a high level of happiness.  They were loving, generous and always smiling.  This initially did not make sense to me.  How could they be happy?  They did not have big house, nice car, good clothes, well paid job/easy job, money or exotic holidays.

I sat in this question, sort wisdom form others on how this can be.  I found out that the Balinese people exist within a cast system and also daily spend time honouring their God and being grateful for their existence.  What this ‘system’ had done either by fluke or by   some design from a universal source was a people who were not “wanting for more”. They were essentially comfortable and happy with their current position in life and realised they could not change, and therefore not continually striving for more. 

I had been guilty of the opposite of this.  Saying to myself when I get a bigger car/house, take a better holiday, find a better career, have better relationships, lose weight, or have more money I would be happier.  Only of find when I get these things I am happy for a short while but the feeling soon wanes!

Yoga for me, directs my feeling inside or internally.  It shines the light on me and emphasises I am responsible for my own happiness.  It gently directs me to resolve my personality/ego and then happiness comes easily.  A daily practice of meditation through Yoga reminding me of this leads to a sense of gratitude, love and forgiveness.   Also it reinforces my connection to a greater source whether this is God, The Universe, Jesus or Buddha it does not matter.  It  is a formulae for happiness.

At the moment do I have the discipline to complete this daily practice? No but I am getting closer and now know the correct path which has taken me a long time to find!

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