Monday, 31 August 2015

My Experience of Caroline Coggins’ Workshop at Hervey Bay School of Yoga, August 2015.

I’m standing in Tadasana and Caroline Coggins is talking to my right leg. “What are you doing there?’, she says. My leg seems to be listening, so the ‘me’ who’s observing sits back to see what unfolds. There’s a slight pause. A subtle adjustment occurs. A breath comes in and an energy expands through the body. The asana takes shape; not the shape that I was initially striving for, but a shape that has organically emerged. My chin tilts up, the chest opens, the senses soften, and the spine aligns. “Oh hello!” exclaims Caroline, before moving onto another student. I observe a sheepish grin creep onto my face. The leg seems to be pleased with itself. Or perhaps it’s my mind, as a realisation occurs that the workshop ahead is going to be an interesting ride.

There was something quite different about Caroline’s method of teaching. There’s a quality to it that can’t quite be expressed with words. It felt like the teaching was directed not so much at my conscious mind, but more at a deeper wisdom within the body. A teaching from the inside-out, or bottom-up, rather than top-down. Whatever it was, the effect it’s had on my practice since returning home has been quite profound.

Tim and I had such a lovely week visiting Hervey Bay. We would like to extend our deep gratitude to Caroline, her assistants, Polly, Vera, and the beautiful community of students at the school who made us feel so welcome.

We are very much looking forward to returning.


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