Catered retreat. Experienced practitioners from all traditions. 35 hours

Held at Woodgate Beach in Qld. This 35 hour retreat is taught by Polly Realf

The program commences Monday 9 November at 8.30am at 80 Acacia Street Woodgate Beach. This first session is an active asana class.  We suggest you arrive in Woodgate beach on Sunday 8th November so that your arrival to the first class is not pressured.  The last session will finish 11am on Sunday 15 November.  This retreat is fully catered.  All meals are vegetarian.  Please email to advise if further dietry requirements. Download a copy of the retreat schedule here.  Accommodation is not included in the cost of the retreat. 

Our studio is very close to fabulous holiday house accommodation and easy walking distance from Woodgate Beach Houses.  We encourage you to book accommodation within walking distance to the studio as this will enhance your experience of the retreat.  Woodgate is a small seaside village with spectacular ocean views and squeeky clean sand to walk along. 

Assistance with accommodation

For the 20 and 35 hour retreats, when people are travelling alone, we undertand that accommodation costs can be prohibitive, so we pre book a large holiday house about 150 meters away from the studio and coordinate students attending the retreat to book rooms. The house has 5 great rooms, two with twin single beds, one with a double bed, one with a queen bed and another with a queen and ensuite. 
Costing per person are approximately as follows:
Shared room, single bed $15 per night per person
1 x double bed. Private room $35 per night
1 x queen size bed. Private room $40 per night
1 x queen size bed. Private room with ensuite $45 per night

During holiday season prices double.  
Please email us if you feel you would are interested in sharing this holiday house.  

Please note that there are only 4 places now open for booking (out of the maximum 10 places).  You are able to cancel upto 5 weeks prior to the start of retreat and claim 50% refund. From 3 weeks prior there is no refund unless a medical certificate is provided.

The program includes sunrise meditation at the beach followed by breakfast (at the beach).  We provide woven hemp meditation mats for the beach meditation sessions, and our practice studio is also fully equipped with mats, blocks, wall ropes and much more. 

Each day there is an active asana class that includes opportunity to develop greater skill in postures.  Polly integrates the teaching of yoga philosophy within each class, including the active asana sessions. After the morning asana class we share a meal and there is a couple of hours break before returning for the afternoon restorative class that includes pranayama and meditation.  

In the evening we share a light meal together.  We encourage participates to remain as quiet, (silent if possible) after departing the evening session, until after the sunrise meditation the next day.  This span of silence gives the mind and heart time to soften and receive the practice.

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