Welcome to the Hervey Bay School of Yoga

Group classes closed until further notice in accordance with Governement regulations regarding the pandemic. Private classes still possible. Please email us to book a session. At this time we trust that what you have within you, is what is going to look after you. If your attendance at classes in our school has played some part in how the light in you manifests and takes care of you, we are humbled to have some part in your journey of light. Blessings and know that as soon as we can we will open our studio to group classes. Namaste Polly and Vera

54 Torquay road Pialba and 80 Acacia Street Woodgate Beach 
We are a community of people interested in how the mind body connection helps us live with greater peace and contentment.   As a hatha yoga school we view and work with the body as the primary instrument of meditation.  Sequences are developed to balance the nervous systems.  The skill of the practice is to notice and experience the difference between movement and action; or action and reaction.  This involvement of a 'reflective consciousness' is how yoga becomes life changing.  We offer courses, retreats and yoga classes for people of all ages, from children to seniors, and people of all levels of experience.

When the CHALLENGES of life feel a little, or a lot outside the scope of what is manageable YOGA offers us a way to BALANCE the demands.  At our school you will learn the ACTIONS needed within asana to bring support, strength and balance. These are the conditions under which tight muscles release so that mobility can improve.  The practice will show you that sensitivity is necessary for PEACE and contentment. We have classes for every level of student and our methods of teaching make the practice accessible and safe for EVERYONE.  We are a friendly dedicated group of yoga practitioners and teachers.  Come and join us on this path of YOGA.

Introductory classes are all about ensuring new students feel safe and supported.   Link to the page for new students for more information.  Students living with injury or illness who are interested in working with yoga as a pain management strategy can find more information by downloading this pamphlet. Please email the office to make an appointment. 

Download information about our class options and our system of pricing. 

If you are interested in a 10, 20 or 35 hour retreat, link to our Workshop/Retreat page. Anam Cara Studio in Woodgate Beach Qld is our Yoga retreat centre due to open in June 2020.

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